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Sector proposals to increase the impact of Microfinance in the EU

Publication Policy notes

Microfinance in Europe is quickly becoming a relevant tool to reduce social & financial exclusion through the provision of both financial (microcredit, microinsurance, etc.) and non-financial services (trainings, mentoring, etc.). The European microfinance sector offers solutions to the under-served to help them become self-employed and to create jobs across the continent.

The demand for microcredit is high throughout the European Union. There are both external (rising unemployment, de-industrialisation, the growing interest in selfemployment, the withdrawal of banks...) and internal factors (better structured offers, institutional recognition, professionalism...) in the sector. The needs of the sector will therefore increase. Nevertheless, the coverage of microfinance in Europe is still patchy and provided by very diverse and mostly very small institutions.

In order to further enhance the development of the sector and its impact, several questions need to be considered by stakeholders all over Europe.

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