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Summary of the 2016 survey on Adie's Social Return on Investment (SROI)

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For over 25 years Adie has funded and supported entrepreneurs who do not have access to bank credit. In doing so, Adie continues to contribute to the fight for employment and social inclusion.

From the beginning, the association had tools to evaluate the impact of its work and has continued to develop these tools but there was not yet one specific project to measure the extent of the financial impact of its work for society. Adie’s mission involves contributing to public employment policy, which is why it needed to provide its public and private partners with a measure of the financial return on their investment; they have a right to expect this in return for their commitment to our association.

The SROI (Social Return on Investment) created with KPMG now completes the data provided by the impact measurement tools created by Adie (exclusion scores, social performance audit, triennial impact survey).

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