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Personal Microcredit

Working group Committees


This Working Group was suggested in march 2020, after observing that in the EMN-MFC Overview Surveys, many MFIs indicated disbursing significant volumes of personal microcredit, while most public support is limited to the domain of entrepreneurship. As such, it was considered prudent to explore how else can EMN promote and communicate about the value that our members generate.
Participation to EMN Working Groups is limited to our Members, if you would like to be part of this Working Group, please send an email to Being involved in the Working Group means participating in its calls and drafting process via emails, but of course Members are free to contribute to the best of their ability, there is no minimum resource commitment involved.


At this initial stage, the objectives of the Working Group are:

  1. To agree on a definition of personal microcredit that EMN can promote towards policymakers.
  2. To agree on a series of advocacy objectives to pursue, once we have a reached a consensus on the character of personal microcredit in Europe.

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EMN organises Working Groups to strengthen the involvement of its members in the Network. The activities carried out by the different Working Groups are very diverse: organisation of workshops, elaboration of research papers, publications, creation of new tools for microfinance management, etc.
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