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Technical Assistance in response to the COVID-19 crisis

Supporting the resilience of MFIs and their clients
Technical Assistance in response to the COVID-19 crisis

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Microfinance clients are expected to be particularly affected by the COVID-19 crisis due to the nature of their activities (micro and small businesses) and their socio-economic background.

The purpose of this project, run by the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and supported by J.P.Morgan, is to deliver Technical Assistance (TA) to a selection of MFIs in order to build their capacity to ensure continuous, efficient, and adapted support to entrepreneurs in the COVID era. Project beneficiaries are a selection of six MFIs operating on three continents: Adie (France), Credisol (Brazil), Fundación Oportunitas (Spain), PerMicro (Italy), Pro Mujer (Argentina), and SEF (South Africa).

EMN will offer a TA package that comprises of a mix of trainings, consultancy services, and peer learning over a period of 24 months (June 2020 – June 2022). An average of 60 days of training (or the equivalent amount in consultancy services) will be available for each MFI involved in the project. All services will be provided online and tailored to the specific needs of each MFI, previously assessed through a broad training needs analysis.

In order to encourage peer learning, EMN will organise a series of nine webinars to present good practices identified among project partners. In addition, the EMN website will host a section dedicated to the COVID response, where all relevant information that can support MFIs will be gathered.

A final event will be organised in June 2022 to present the project activities and their repercussions on the clients of the MFIs involved.


June 2020 – June 2022